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A Visit by Hang Tuah University.

Surabaya - March 15, 2018.

For several times Hang Tuah University Surabaya has made study tour to PT Antakesuma Inti Raharja, frequent visit programs in recent years.

In March 2018, the University of Hang Tuah Surabaya sent nearly 50 students majoring in shipbuilding engineering to visit the  workshop of PT Antakesuma Inti Raharja. The objective of the visit is to improve the students insights to learn more about the diesel engine and its maintenance. This will affect the improvement of students learning competence in the classroom, as conveyed by one of the representatives of the supervisors when giving a speech.

In addition to workshop tour, the students from Hang Tuah University Surabaya also received company profile of PT Antakesuma Inti Raharja and training materials about the introduction of some equipment for refit and tools to test diesel engines. The students are also introduced to some special tools used for specific work.


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